Of the hundreds of writers and communications experts I have worked with, Angela is one of the exceptionally talented few. She can transform dry topics into engaging copy and get right to the heart of what needs to be said when it’s too flowery or complex. Yet Angela’s real gifts extend far beyond the written word. Her curious and sharp mind, high EQ and quick wit, allows her to really get under the skin of any brand. From out-of-the box strategy to professional excellence across all communications, I know I can count on Angela.

Perhaps because of my lifelong career in communications and because I hold our brand close to my heart, my standards and expectations are high. Angela not only meets these, she surpasses them. Working with her has been a breath of fresh air and has brought me so much relief! I know that I can really trust Angela to hold the integrity of our brand.

Carole Bradshaw, Director, IMI

Asia’s largest natural wellness clinic


Angela is engaged to support Ignition Coaching with marketing strategy and media relations, and copy for our website, social media, and newsletters. A true strategic partner, she is adept at easing me out of my comfort zone and walking alongside us to take our business to the next level. Angela understands our mission and our audience’s needs, and she knows how to work with our tone of voice to inspire clients. Angela is very professional, a real pleasure to work with, and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional writer.

Kully Jaswal, Managing Director, Ignition Coaching LLC

Global career and executive coaching company


When I first came across the term ‘Brand Ambassador’ many years ago in advertising I found it fascinating as it described the essential qualities of professionals that were extremely dedicated to their work and embodied and honoured the brand they work for at all times. The high-quality professionals advertising agencies and clients seek and value as they made a difference to their businesses. Angela Baura is a true representation of a Brand Ambassador. She is not only committed to her copywriting and communications work but goes way beyond and surpasses all expectations, which are usually very high given my background. Angela is passionate, committed, creative and dedicated. Not to mention how she is a human being – warm, connecting, understanding and extremely pleasant to connect with – and with an extra touch of a wonderful sense of humour, which spices up my day.

Cristina Rodenbeck, Founder, Manipura Wellness Practice

Executive and wellness coaching company in Hong Kong


I would highly recommend working with Angela. She helped me get clear on my unique service offering and succinctly articulated it on my website. This brought me the right clients who were looking for a personalized approach, made me stand out, and get more easily recognized by the media for the work we do at Inspire Yoga. She is also extremely generous in teaching how to structure press releases and write copy that is engaging. Not only did I receive so much from working with her, I also gained a lifelong friend in Angela, who truly comes from a passion to support others.

Neelam Harjani, Founder, Inspire Yoga

Hong Kong’s leading personalised yoga company


Angela was referred to me by a friend when I was looking for a web content writer for my website. Angela came across as open, friendly and very professional. She was thorough, detailed and most importantly able to help me to put my thoughts into writing eloquently. She listened carefully and helped me to write my story in my own tone and voice. Throughout the whole process, she was very responsive and professional. She also gave me very constructive advice on building my website. It has been a great pleasure working with Angela and I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who would like to build their websites with their own styles and personalities!

Amy Fung, Founder, Amy Fung Coaching

Life, Executive, and Career Coaching Company in Asia


Angela is a conscientious writer who conducts research about her topics thoroughly and responsibly. She communicates clearly and confidently, expressing her ideas thoughtfully and articulately. Angela has a very good understanding of the needs of schools, parents, teachers and most importantly, learners. She provides consultancy work in marketing and communications which I found truly helpful as her advice was spot-on!

Tess Baguio, Principal, Small World Christian Kindergarten

Kindergarten committed to whole child learning in Hong Kong


I appreciated working with Angela when she conducted the edition of one of our research publications (140 pages). Angela was very professional, reliable and flexible to accommodate to the project’s evolving needs. Thank you, Angela!

Clémence Morlet, Researcher, UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence

The International Association of Public Transport championing sustainable urban mobility


Angela Baura is a fantastic writer and a lovely lady. Her ability to understand what is needed and to put pen to paper to tell the correct story is her superpower. Her passion and positive worldview make the entire working process a pleasure. Angela’s astuteness and gentle directness in an interview puts you at ease and helps elicit your true message. She possesses a style which invites dialogue, which has been a terrific tool for us as a company. She also has a wicked sense of humour.

Timothy Stuart, Founder, Unit Bricks

Global B2B and B2C STEM toy company


I cannot recommend Angela highly enough. She has been such an inspiration and support, getting to really know me and helping me find my voice and my purpose. She has been key in helping me build my blog and brand for AM1 Health. She not only has an amazing way with words but I also rely on her for sound strategy and marketing advice. What I treasure most about Angela is that she genuinely cares and she really believes in me. She has become a true friend and I am so glad to have her as my strategist and adviser at my side as I take my business to the next level.

Alison Middleton, Founder, AM1Health

Holistic health consultancy in Hong Kong and the UK


As an editor, if I need a well-researched and well-written article, even on a tight deadline, I know I can count on Angela Baura. In addition to completing assigned stories accurately and on time, Ms Baura has the talent and skill to come up with interesting pitches of her own. She approaches subjects with curiosity and respect to the audience, finding interesting angles that haven’t been covered before and going after them with both professionalism and tenacity. Her attention to detail is note-worthy, and she’s a joy to work with as well. I would recommend Ms Baura without hesitation to other editors and clients.

Tracey Starr, Editor-In-Chief (former), Playtimes

Hong Kong’s leading family and parenting magazine


When I opened my business a few years ago, I had no idea how to market it. Angela wrote my brand messages, press releases and marketing materials, and helped put in place a communications plan. Before long, my business was featured everywhere and business took off. We were not only in English publications but also Chinese (which was a market I had no idea how to tap into). Angela also came up with a great idea of running a photo competition in conjunction with Geobaby whereby parents had to send in a funny photo of their child and the winners won prizes donated by various sponsors. This gave us massive exposure and we received hundreds of entries! I found Angela extremely friendly and easy to deal with. Even when I was in hospital with major surgery and was not up to focussing on anything, Angela took everything off my hands and just ran with it. Once Angela knew about my business and the target audience, she was able to drum up interest from many avenues, which was something I could do not on my own. I would highly recommend Angela for any new business wishing to gain more exposure and to get some momentum going in the start-up phase.

Amy Wong, Founder, Bumble Tots (now Funzone)

Hong Kong’s premier indoor entertainment centre


Inkspirer, a very fitting title for someone who is unable to put down her pen, computer, book, or anything that is remotely connected to the ‘art of writing.’ Angela is truly driven by her passion for this beautiful form of expression and it is clearly evident that nothing delights her more than to help others convey their ‘positive inner voice’ in the written form.
Copywriting or copy-editing, Angela has a natural ability to help you gather your thoughts and emotions and assemble them into words that dance gracefully together in a concise and meaningful way.
Her confidence in her craft is clearly demonstrated through a strategically guided and focus-driven approach. The end result? Perfection.

Hardeep Jandu, Photographer, Hardeep Jandu Photography

Bespoke photography services in Hong Kong and the UK


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Angela. When I was thinking of having my website built, I was pretty clueless about where to look or who to ask. Angela shared her website and one look at it communicated right to my subconscious. And that’s what Angela’s words do. She helped me craft my story. She coached me to write my webcopy, guiding me through the steps. The questions she posed had a way of pulling out not just words but also bringing the emotions that helped me convey my message powerfully. It was also wonderful to have her team up with my web-developer to organize the text and bring my website to life. Angela’s words gave me much reassurance and confidence in its launch. It was finally launched on 6th of July.

Neha Sonney, Founder,

Hong Kong Self-Love Expert


Thank you for your contribution to our launch party in our new location. I appreciate your effort and contribution, which was definitely worth the value. You helped to expand our concept. Because of you, the event ran successfully and I felt less stressed as a result.

Alice Yuen, Founder, Alive Wellness

Health and wellbeing clinic in Hong Kong


Angela worked with me to create my LinkedIn profile – something I had been avoiding for a number of years. Using my CV as a start point, she helped to identify and articulate key skills and experience. She provided helpful guidance on profile pictures, optimising my page, and how to use the platform. I’ve had some great feedback on my profile and have been singing Angela’s praises since. I’m thankful for her support!

Logistics professional