Copywriter in Hong Kong

Drawing on agency and in-house communications experience, I’m an award-winning storyteller, certified Digital Marketing professional and seasoned communications strategist based in Hong Kong. Trusted by clients across the globe, I strategise and write for large and small organisations that want to make a difference.

Appreciating my way with words, my father – an immigrant with a brilliant business mind and limited Business English – handed me responsibility for all written communications for his property investment firm. I was eleven years old at the time. Believe me: if you can take my dad’s complex thoughts and transform them into clear, concise and convincing copy you can do the same for any client.

I have worked for some of the world’s best PR agencies and in-house communications teams in the UK where I’m from and Hong Kong where I’m based. Having delivered results for the likes of 3M Healthcare, The Economist, Panasonic, Adidas and Matilda International Hospital, I know I’m most fulfilled when I work with entrepreneurs and organisations that want to improve lives. I founded Inkspirer in 2008 and have since had the pleasure of working with passion-fuelled people to deliver customer value and business results. To support clients’ brand and marketing needs, my professional network includes carefully-selected photographers, web developers and graphic designers.

Recognised as a Leader in Empowerment through Storytelling, I write sensitive stories to drive positive change. During my time as a journalist, I’ve learned how to ask the right questions the right way to create content that goes viral for the right reasons.

If you’re a business, entrepreneur or agency in need of powerful words and proven communication strategies, you’ve come to the right place.


Angela Baura is a fantastic writer and a lovely lady. Her ability to understand what is needed and to put pen to paper to tell the correct story is her superpower. Her passion and positive worldview make the entire working process a pleasure. Angela’s astuteness and gentle directness in an interview puts you at ease and helps elicit your true message. She possesses a style which invites dialogue, which has been a terrific tool for us as a company. She also has a wicked sense of humour.

Timothy Stuart, Founder, Unit Bricks